Katy Short Photography operates as a full service photography studio, which means that I place my focus not only on capturing your moments but also creating a FUN experience throughout the process! I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day; they are the key to never letting a wonderful memory fade. I believe these memories are too important to let go of.  My goal is for you to have them forever…for generations after generation to enjoy.

I will work with you and your family each step of the way; from booking the session, what to wear, where to photograph, all the way through delivering your digital and/or unique pieces of art.

My preference is typically to work on location as it creates the most diverse backdrops and opportunities to showcase a natural, vibrant you!

Horse Farm Family Photos

I consider myself a storyteller.  Through the photos I capture, my goal is to bring out the unique qualities in your family, child or fresh new baby!  I love bringing out everyone’s personality and to do that I have put a huge priority on getting everyone comfortable from the start of the session.  I’ve been on the other side of the camera more than once and have had varying experiences.  I have had the awkward feeling of not knowing what to do, where to look or how to act.  I’ve also had the amazing feeling of just enjoying my family, being directed just enough to bring out the great and fun family I have.  The latter is what you can expect from a session with KSP!

Glasgow Family Portrait Session 2017-B&W-1.jpg

This aspect of our session is vital to getting genuine & expressive photos of your children.  You can expect that we’ll spend the first few minutes of your session just playing and getting comfortable.  My experience with my own 3 kids has given me a tremendous knowledge on how to break down the barriers that children put up!  You can expect us to be having fun and laughing pretty quickly!

We’ll spend about 45 minutes to an hour shooting your session it will have a mix of candid, fun and playful images to help get everyone comfortable.  Don’t worry though, we will get that posed, picture perfect family portrait!  I like to wait till the kids are nice and comfortable with me before I start giving them too much direction so you can expect this further into the session.

Jetton Park Portraits

Once the memories have been captured, it will be time to bring your story to life! This is my absolute favorite part!  I will spend the next two weeks going through your images and carefully editing each one.

When your digital collection is ready I will upload your photos to an easy to use site that allows you to download your images and print right from the site. Also, the link allows you to share with friends and family so they can choose their favorite images as well. If you would like help creating a wall gallery of your images, getting that perfect size canvas above the fireplace or just a few prints and an album to have around the house, please know that I am happy to assist with all of those items with past and present photos!! 

Last, I’d like to share with you my vision for my work. I am an artist; I never had any skill with a paintbrush or a pencil despite a deep desire to create. It wasn’t until I picked up a camera that I finally found my artistic medium. I create fine art photography and as such, the work that I create is intended to be your art. I don’t believe there is anything more valuable or precious than our families! They are your masterpiece, they are your story…let me be your storyteller!