The Importance of Getting Your Photos Printed

When I have an initial meeting with a family about their photography needs one of the first questions I get asked is, “do you give digitals and a print release?”. My answer is always “yes!” and until recently I have never pushed or educated anyone on the importance of getting professional quality prints done to go along with their digital photos. However, my whole thought process was changed when I was cleaning my kitchen one day…..

Mooresville Family Photos

I am just like everyone else, I always want digital photos, but where I now differ is that I have found the importance in getting prints from a professional photography lab and here is why….. 

In our little desk that is built into our kitchen we have shelves where most people would probable have recipe books…. I have picture frames (don't let that fool you, I do love to cook, more blogs on that later). Upon dusting one photo that is close to my heart, a photo of my sister and I at our family’s hunting camp (that we no long own). This photo was taken when we were young and being silly in some camouflage hats andhas such great memories tied to it. My sister even had a custom frame built to for it. Any the date shows that it is less than 10 years old! I think we all expect of our photos to last at least 10 years no matter where they are printed! The photo was taken with someone’s phone, a phone that undoubtedly is no longer around and even if we had the “digital” version of that photo, there is no way I would have a clue where to find it!!

Mooresville Family Photos

In this moment of dusting this photo my heart sunk a little because I noticed for the first time that the photo is fading and turning purple. Now I know for a fact that this photo (along with other photos in my home, before I knew better) was printed at a place like Walgreens, Shuterfly or something similar and it is in their process that causes our photos to fade and get discolored over time. 

However, a few years ago I got my first photos printed from a professional lab!! My world was changed, I was so impressed and excited because you could not only see the difference but fell the difference in the finish of the photo. The way these photos are printed you can tell how that are made to last forever not to mentioned have a coating to protect them from UV rays which causes most of the discoloration. After seeing the faded photo of my sister and I, it was icing on the cake for why it is so important to have photos printed from a professional lab and why I will always include a specific amount of prints with every session for my clients. 

So take some time and look around your home and photo albums and make sure those photos that you hold so close to your heart are printed with quality!  If you need help with family photos that will stand the test of time, please feel free to reach out to me any time!! 



Katy Short is a family photographer of Katy Short Photography but does any and all things from engagements, to weddings, to newborns and family portraits with young and grown kids. She loves God, her Mr. Fix-it husband, three daughters, anything with chocolate. She is grew up in southern Louisiana but loves that she gets to call Mooresville, NC home and she secretly hopes to be able to move back to LA so her daughter’s can experience all the unique things that make Louisiana special.